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Localising the critical PPE Supply Chain

July 20,2020

The Detmold Group has responded to the Government and community call to expand local medical Personal Protection Equipment manufacture in Australia. Tacca has signed a six-month supply agreement with Detmold Medical to localise manufacture of the critical surgical mask material at its NSW facility.

Tacca Medical is tooling up to commence production of the meltblown polypropylene layer for medical masks. This will help ensure that Detmold Medical can access the vital raw material that prevents microscopic particles from passing between patients and medical professionals.

Chief Executive Officer of TACCA, Clem Tacca said, "This is a great boost to Australia. Detmold Medical can now work with Tacca Medical to produce the key ingredient for medical masks that is very scarce around the world, unpredictable in its delivery schedules, and subject to unstable pricing".

"The partnership between Detmold Medical and Tacca Medical consolidates and ensures the supply of the raw material within Australia without relying on any overseas suppliers.

"This in turn, not only ensures the protection of our frontline workers but also establishes the opportunity for additional employment in both New South Wales and South Australia.

"This partnership will also boost the opportunity for both Australian companies to be key players in overseas PPE markets. This is a win for Australia and Australian workers," said Clem.

Tacca Industries Managing Director - Domenic Tacca and Chief Executive Officer - Clem Tacca

Tacca Industries Managing Director - Domenic Tacca and Chief Executive Officer - Clem Tacca

Tacca Industries team

Tacca Industries team

Alf Ianniello, Chief Executive Officer of the Detmold Group said "securing a domestic supply of what has quickly become a scarce, and sought after raw material is vital to ensuring Detmold Medical can deliver on contracts to produce 145 million medical masks for SA Health and the Australian Government".

"We have secured initial material to meet production requirements, but localising the supply is important in ensuring the welfare of our frontline health workers and promoting capacity of our mask manufacturing facility.

"We will be making 20 million masks per month for the remainder of the year, and that requires a robust supply chain," Alf said. 

"The collaboration of Government and Industry has enabled us to quickly establish a manufacturing footprint in Australia, supported by a local supply chain," Alf said.

"The localising the meltblown PP production will promote availability of locally manufactured medical masks,” Alf said.

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